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  • 1935

    Founded timber industry in Yoshiwa villege, Hiroshima

  • 1952

    Established "Nakamoto Ringyo Company Inc."

  • 1956

    Headquarters and factory move to Hatsukaichi city, Hiroshima

  • 1962

    Started production of long plywood flooring at the first 4m large plywood plant in Japan

  • 1969

    Renamed to "Juken Sangyo Co., Ltd."

  • 1974

    Started production of long plywood interior wall materials

  • Started production of Japanese traditional style construction materials using LVL

  • 1980

    Started production of staircases

  • 1984

    Started production of Western style construction materials

  • 1988

    Started production of wooden interior doors

  • 1990

    Established a subsidiary "Juken Nissho Ltd." (currentry "Juken New Zealand Ltd.")
    and started forest management in New Zealand

  • 1992

    Started production of building materials using New Zealand radiata pine

  • 1994

    Started production of LVL structural materials

  • 1999

    Established a subsidiary "Juken Sangyo(Phils.)Corp." in the Philippines

  • 2002

    Company name changed to "WOOD ONE CO.,LTD."

  • 2004

    Established a subsidiary "Woodone International Ltd." in Hong Kong

  • 2006

    Made "BELTECNO Corporation" (currentry "BELKITCHEN Corporation") a subsidiary

  • 2008

    Started production of solid wood cabinetry

  • 2010

    Obtained FSC, CoC certification at domestic and overseas related wood building material factories

  • 2016

    Established a Japanese domestic log processing subsidiary "FOREST ONE CO.,LTD."

  • 2016

    Invested in "PT. Woodone Integra Indonesia" in Indonesia

  • 2018

    Acquired additional shares of"PT. Woodone Integra Indonesia"and made it a